Hvordan selge ideen din ?

Coming up with a good idea is one thing – but convincing others to back you is another. And we often make it hard for ourselves by not giving our ideas what they need to be bought by others. This is where the PITCH comes in.

Entrepreneurs must be able to successfully pitch to investors. Business executives must be able to successfully pitch ideas and products to customers, to management and to their own teams.


Join us in this workshop where you will learn how to give your ideas their best shot at succeeding too. Learn to pitch like a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur!

Rick Salmon er seriegründer og pitchetrener, som jobber spesielt med språk og stemmebruk. Mer informasjon om Rick Salmon fra Voicable finner dere her: https://voiceable.ai/

Rick Salmon

Vekst i Grenland IKS og Innovasjon Norge


man 12. nov    kl 13:00 - 15:00

kr 0,00

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